Grime, moulds, moss, algae, pollution and other elements erode and gradually ruin houses and building exteriors.

Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plans.


With a Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plan damage to buildings can be stopped in its tracks through regular washing.  Not only does regular washing help protect from damage, it leaves it sparkly and clean. We will visit your property twice a year or more frequently if you require to keep your property looking impressive.  Customers who opt to take advantage of our plans benefit from discounted pricing.


Another benefit of regular washing with our maintenance plan is that in many cases material used to clad or roof a house or building has a warranty.  The warranty becomes void if it is not regularly washed in accordance of the warranty agreement.


This package can be over a 1 - 3 year period - you are guaranteed the same price for each year.

*This is negotiable if you are selling in the near future.


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Residential / Coastal

Building cleaning method


Not only does cleaning the exterior of a house make it look fantastic it lengthens the life of paint by inhibiting the build-up of algae, mould, pollution and other nasties that break down and eat into the paint.  When we wash a house, exterior walls are washed from ground level to gutter including joinery, entrance alcoves, eaves, exterior gutters, spouting and downpipes.  Our telescopic attachment reaches up to 15 metres high from the ground which enables us to get the high up bits that you would not normally be able to reach.


Commercial strength solutions


Our commercial building washing services improve the look and presentation of your building’s exterior creating a positive first impression with potential customers.


In many cases it’s not just about looking good; often the materials used on buildings require regular scheduled washing to ensure the warranty is not rendered invalid.  We can develop a maintenance plan to ensure that the building is being washed in accordance of the warranty specifications.


We wash all of a buildings surfaces including windows and signs or we can clean parts of the building as required such as just the roof or signage.

Rentals / Body Corps

Strength solutions


We wash many rental properties to help protect paint work and improve the appeal. We are more than happy to liaise directly with the tenants regarding scheduling wash dates and times. We also offer discounted rates to Property Managers and investors who use our services on a regular basis.  Our grunty whirly machine comes into its own here as it cleans decks, paths, patios and drive ways a lot quicker than only water blasting and so we pass this on as a saving to our clients.


Commercial solutions


We can often be found in the middle of the night or early in the morning working to clean council buildings and public areas.  Our high pressure top notch commercial grade cleaning machines assist us to get surfaces spick and span. In many cases an annual treatment plan for moss, mould and algae is all that is required and can be a great way to keep costs down.






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What we wash...

• Pool surrounds

• Roof treatments

• Moss & mould treatments

• Paths & driveways

• Pre-wash painting preparation

• Building signage

• Spider and bug treatments

• Houses

• Commercial buildings

• Gutter & spouting

• Decks & fences

• Retaining walls

• Car parks & tennis courts

• Commercial windows

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